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Celebrating the Wisdom of Clients During Women's History Month

It is midway through March, Women’s History Month, 2019. As the Spring Equinox approaches I am reflecting on some of the best life lessons about balance that reflexology clients have shared or inspired. While many of the clients I am honored and delighted to work with are women, Mpath is welcoming of clients of all genders, gender identities, and orientations. The clients who have inspired this post are changemakers, entrepreneurs, community leaders, moms, grandmothers, and aunties. Most importantly, they are kind. They give their all to their families, friends, and communities and it is a joy to celebrate and support their continued work in making this world a gentler and more just place.

Here are a few gems from clients:

Keep learning, stop regretting. Clients frequently share personal stories in the relaxed environment created in a reflexology session. A resounding theme is often, “I wish I had known…” or “I wish I had done…” Along with those stories often comes a reflection on the benefits of learning from past events and actions, and realizing that regret takes too much time and energy. That learning leads to strength and knowledge that can then create a path for those who follow. When the regret melts away, the wisdom shines through.

Self-care is not selfish. Everyone has something to offer. Taking care of yourself, your health, and your overall well-being allows you to bring your best to your family and community.

Be authentic. Again, we need everyone’s gifts to make this planet a better place now and for future generations. To offer those gifts, there needs to be a sense of authenticity. Keep it real.

Aging is joyful. One of the most enjoyable parts of my job (besides seeing people feel better through reflexology) is hearing stories from clients who are close to retirement or are already retired. I get to live vicariously through them when they come in for a reflexology session after several hours on the slopes on a good powder day. They tell of times spent with friends outdoors in all seasons in our beautiful Green Mountain State, and traveling the world to hike, bike, run, relax by a beach, or sightsee. They describe their passion projects and business startups that they are focused on now that they are no longer working at the nine to five grind. They share how they are volunteering at local non-profits with missions related to everything from environmental education to better accessibility for those in our communities with disabilities, and from celebration of arts and culture to fighting hunger and homelessness. Any age has its ups and downs, but I am continually inspired by the clients who focus on joy through life’s transitions and are just as committed to serving their communities as they are to having fun.

Ditch the heels and narrow shoes. There is work to do and fun to be had, and it is difficult to go about even mundane, daily tasks when dealing with chronic pain. I have seen enough feet damaged by improperly fitting shoes to make it a personal mission to educate clients about footwear that is healthier for the feet and by extension, the body as a whole. In honor of Women’s History Month, can we make a pact to be trendsetters and make it a status symbol to wear fashionable flats? Everyone can benefit from a better sense of balance, and our feet are a good place to start.

Happy Women’s History Month and Happy Spring Equinox!

Melanie Giangreco