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Mpath, LLC Founder Melanie Giangreco

Mpath, LLC Founder Melanie Giangreco

Melanie Giangreco is a National Board Certified Reflexologist (NBCR) who created Mpath, LLC to bring her dedication to creating healthier environments and promoting wellness to a broader community in Vermont. She has been practicing reflexology since 2012 and has more than a decade of experience working with businesses and non-profits on systems improvement and environmental initiatives. 

During her initial reflexology training, Melanie was encouraged by how quickly people responded to this system of working with the whole person through specific points on the body. She began drawing connections between reflexology and her training in environmental sciences. In reflexology, the feet, hands, and ears can be seen as microcosms of the entire body. Similarly, our surroundings reflect our overall wellness and vice versa. By working with the body as well as with a person's surroundings, results can be immediate and lasting. Melanie's clients have ranged in age from a few days to 90+ years. They have been children, teachers, business leaders, medical professionals, and community change-makers. 

The idea of an approach that connects people to their surroundings evolved over time to include working with businesses to create cultures of wellness. Since the bottom line is always important, Melanie has developed systematic tools to evaluate opportunities to create healthier environments and improve employee wellness. Businesses are provided with easy to follow action plans, and simple ways to measure success based on their goals and budgets. By working with the business community, the broader community benefits. 

Melanie holds a B.S. in Environmental Studies with concentrations in policy and design, and has trained with several world renowned reflexologists. She volunteers as a Self-help and Family Help Trainer for the World Reflexology Foundation.