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3 Reasons Why Reflexology is an Excellent Option for Self-care

Google the phrase “self-care” and you will get upwards of 2.7 billion search results. It is a term touted by everyone from Oprah to business and science leaders as a way to be healthier, be more productive, and create a sustainable lifestyle. However, many “self-care” practices and techniques are expensive, require special equipment, are fads that soon die out, or are even downright dangerous. In contrast, reflexology self-care techniques are simple and cost-effective, time-tested, and safe.

What is reflexology? It is a gentle, nurturing, touch technique that focuses on points (reflexes) on the feet, hands, and ears that represent a map of the entire body. Reflexology is deeply relaxing, and has been shown through numerous studies to reduce pain and stress.

Here are three reasons why reflexology is an excellent option for self-care.

1) YOU are all you need. Reflexology requires no special equipment. Using your own hands, pressure can be applied to your feet, your ears, or one hand at a time. If your hands are sore or it is difficult to reach your own feet, you could opt to use a racquetball or tennis ball to apply pressure, but no special equipment is needed. Once you have the knowledge of reflexology self-care, it is with you wherever you go. This is why I frequently dedicate time during individual client sessions to teaching techniques that clients can use in between sessions in order to achieve more complete, lasting results.

2) Having self-care tools is empowering, especially when dealing with stress and pain. The 2006 National Centers for Health Statistics Chartbook on Trends in Health of Americans reported on a survey of 303 chronic pain sufferers. More than half of the survey respondents reported feeling that they had little or no control over their pain, almost two-thirds reported an impact on their overall enjoyment of life, and more than three quarters reported feeling depressed. Pain and stress can feel overwhelming. Having something that you can do in the moment, for yourself, when you need it can go a long way toward lightening your mood as well as your pain.

3) Reflexology is low risk, and high reward. Overall, reflexology is a very safe technique. There are very few instances in which it would not be a good option. For example, you should not use reflexology for self-care if you have athlete’s foot or another skin infection that could spread, breaks in the skin, a recently broken bone or severe sprain, or varicose veins. Otherwise, reflexology can be very valuable in improving your overall wellbeing.

For information about upcoming self-care reflexology workshops, visit the Mpath, LLC Facebook page for details. If you would like to host a workshop at your home or business, get in touch to discuss free or low-cost options. When scheduling an individual reflexology session, ask about personalized self-care reflexology home programs.

Melanie Giangreco