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Household Wellness

What is household wellness?

Household wellness is a way of integrating people with their places to optimize overall wellbeing. There are simple, low-cost strategies you can use to keep your home and family safe and healthy. Whether it is taking the simple step to switch to cleaning products that are free from harmful chemicals, or you want to prioritize buying local on a limited budget, we can guide you through the process.

Why household wellness?

Your home should be safe, comfortable, and uniquely you. A step-by-step analysis of your space will identify easy ways for you to create a space you love while saving money in the process. 

What should I expect during the consult?

You should expect your needs to be heard and to have a clear idea of how to move forward with creating a healthier space by the end of your consult. I take the time to listen to each's client's needs and work within their budget to make lasting positive change. 

Consultations are available over the phone for a rate of $40/hour, and in-person consults are available at a rate of $65/hour. Additional fees may apply for travel.

Contact Melanie at (802) 265-0446 for a cost estimate and free 15 minute mini-consultation to get you started.