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Environmental Analysis

What is environmental analysis?

Environmental analysis is a step-by-step audit system to evaluate a business's environmental impact or "footprint." The business is evaluated on ten categories including energy use, water consumption, waste. We use a simple approach that is perfect for small and medium sized businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact while also saving money. 

Why environmental analysis?

If you have not taken the time to evaluate your company's environmental impact, you are falling behind your competitors. Consumers are demanding to know more about the goods and services they purchase, and you need to be prepared to answer their questions. Environmental analysis also can lead to healthier workplaces by identifying ways to improve indoor air quality, eliminate harmful chemicals from the workplace, and create healthier environments overall. If that was not convincing enough, you are also doing your part to create a better environment and saving money in the process.  

What should I expect during the consult?

You should expect your needs to be heard and to have a clear idea of how to move forward on your own or with my assistance to create an Environmental Action Plan. I take the time to listen to each's client's needs and work within their budget to make lasting positive change. 

Consultations are available over the phone for a rate of $40/hour, and in-person consults are available at a rate of $65/hour. Additional fees may apply for travel.

Contact Melanie at (802) 265-0446 for a cost estimate and free 15 minute mini-consultation to get you started.